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In celebration of Tim’s upcoming book, Blog A Week, I’ve decided it would probably be a good idea to put it to the test. It can sometimes be tough to find a good topic to write about, and this book can help you think of some out-of-the-box ideas. That’s where I got the idea to write about my “toolbox”, or things that I use every day as a designer, and why I love to use them.


If you market your organization online, you need to be aware of the basics about the six social media sites that are currently the most popular and usable by businesses. Are you familiar with all of them? If so, should you be using them, or would you just be wasting time and resources?


One of the great benefits of technology is that it often makes existing tasks easier to accomplish. That’s also one of the downsides of technology. When it comes to something like social media, it’s incredibly easy to put your online marketing on full auto-pilot. But for businesses to get the full benefit of their online marketing, they have to be willing to invest a little time in parallel to all the automation.


T&S Web Design has been around since 2003. When we originally started, there was usually one website per organization, and that’s how you did all your online marketing. Boy, have things changed! And that’s why, after 11 years of operating under the same name, we’ve changed our name to T&S Online Marketing. Here’s just a few things…

Stock Photos

Nothing will set your website apart quite like high-quality engaging photos. The photos on your website are often what people will notice first when visiting your website. They help set the mood, let your visitors know what to expect, simply add some visual interest to complement your content. But not everyone has the resources, whether that’s time, money, or equipment, to create their own photos. That’s where stock photos can come in handy.

Tim Priebe LinkedIn Profile with Background

Social media in general has been moving more and more toward the visual end of the spectrum. All the major players have been putting emphasis on photos and images, with LinkedIn being no exception.

LinkedIn Premium Badge

If there’s anything constant in the world of social media, it’s change. Although LinkedIn tends to be more stable than some other platforms, it goes through its share of changes as well. June 4, 2014, LinkedIn made several significant changes for premium members, including a new, less expensive plan.


Smartphone applications can be powerful tools for engaging customers and building loyalty. But, if executed poorly, they can also do a lot of damage to your brand and turn previously passionate fans away from your business. Will you be throwing your money away?

I get a lot of questions from small business owners as to whether or not they should be working on a mobile app to market their business instead of investing in traditional or online marketing. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the answer is “no.”


One problem that I see clients often have is the inability to easily edit their photos to put on the web. Although I’ve given some suggestions in the past on how to simply resize your photos for the web, sometimes your photos may need a little more tweaking than just a quick resize. Not everyone can afford expensive software to edit photos, so that’s why I’d like to share a few powerful, affordable options that you can try out.

10 on clouds

If you’re like many others, the challenge in posting on a regular basis is that when it comes time to sit down and write your social media, you can’t think of what to share. It’s not what you couldn’t share something helpful to your target market, you just get writer’s block when it’s time to actually do it. To help, let’s look at 10 social media update ideas from my book, 102 Tweets.